America’s Top ER Doctor Says: “I’m DONE With Masks!” (And So Are You)

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I'm sitting at my coffee table, completely heart broken.  I have been staring at a blank screen for ten minutes now because I have no idea how i'm going to start this. So, i might as well just get into it.

Last week a New Jersey Resident passed out and crashed into a telephone pole. This person became unconscious while driving with an N95 mask on. Authorities say that the N95 mask restricted his oxygen which may have lead to fainting. 

This is not the first time this has happened. All around the world people wearing poorly ventilated masks are collapsing from lack of oxygen.

picture that, in a world where people are dying of a disease, you die trying to avoid that disease.

All because you're trying to be a good citizen and follow the instruction set by the government,.

You try to take care of your self, your family and your community. You try to do your part. And you get punished for it.

This guy was probably on his way to the grocery store, or maybe he was a front line worker heading to work. Now, he'll never get to see his family again. His last memories were memories of living in a world of isolation and fear. 

All because he was fed a lie!

Americans around the country have been asked to wear facial coverings while out in public to help stop the spread of Covid-19, but according to top Doctors these medical PPE Mask weren't made to be used the way the public is using them.

That's because the weren't designed to be worn for long periods of time. They are tools used by professionals for specific jobs. And when those jobs are finished they should be taken off.

Its common sense really, when you wear a mask you're putting a barrier between you and the air you breath which means less oxygen makes it into your lungs (this is called creating an oxygen deficit).

You might not notice it at first but, with every breathe you take the oxygen deficit gets larger, and your blood oxygen levels actually decrease.

It's like your slowly being choked from the inside. All of a sudden you start seeing black, next thing you know you're out cold ..

The CDC recommends wearing masks in public, but the n95 and surgical mask that you see most people wearing aren't meant for public use. They get in the way of breathing and can become uncomfortable and even dangerous, not to mention every N95 you use puts a first responders' life at risk.

What about clothes mask?

Since the start of this pandemic clothes mask companies have been popping up everywhere. It seems like everyone and their grandmother is in the mask selling business,( Even my local 7-11 was selling some).

But I wanted to follow the CDC guidelines, without being suffocated by an N95 masks so I bought a clothes mask. And that's when sh*t really hit fan.

First of all, it took two weeks to get the damn thing. And when I finally got it I immediately knew it was a mistake.

To their credit it was much more breathable then the professional N95 masks. But that's all the credit they get. The reason it was so breathable was because the fabric was so thin. How thin you ask?

Lets put it this way, I would've felt more protected holding a tissue to my face in the middle of a tsunami. Yeah, it was that bad. And to make things even worse, the freaking thing snapped off the VERY FIRST TIME I WORE  IT.

Man, I can't explain how pissed off I was standing there in the Wal-mart Checkout line, With my useless mask on the floor and people  breathing and coughing all around me.

Oh and I almost forgot, when I picked my mask up off the floor, and I got a glimpse the label .....I almost lost it. 


.... they might as well ship me the virus while they're at it.

Now I know that's not how it works.

But I couldn't help feel a little uncomfortable knowing that this mask, that was supposed to keep me safe, was probably in "Covid ground zero" less than 24 hours ago.

See what these sellers do is they take advantage of shortage of masks and they go to the cheapest, crappiest, suppliers in China and order these "mask accessories".

And that's exactly what they are ACCESSORIES, Which I guess is cool, if you want to look like a ninja in home depot, but it won't do much to protect you or your family.. Why would anyone do that you ask?

Because they know people are afraid and they prey on that fear by pedaling their snake oil B.S. And even the more "credible" companies are just selling you recycled t-shirts marketed as "protection". (you've got to be kidding me...)

Don't believe me ?

Fine, look for your self. Just surf the web for few minutes you'll see dozens of these advertisements. They are all of over the internet trying to sucker people into buying their useless junk.

They pay websites like MSN, The Wallstreet Journal and NY Times so they can advertise with them, and trick customers into believing they are legitimate businesses. These Scam artists are very sophisticated but there is one one dead give away....

They all copy each other!

 They all use the same pictures, the same advertisement, the same models and even have similar prices. 

Why? because it's easy money for them.  So they end up with your hard earned cash, and you end up with useless face apron that does nothing but let people know you've been suckered. 

That's if you even get the mask. I found out most of these so called sellers don't hold inventory or have any stock.

They use a sleazy new get rich scheme, taught on Youtube, called "Dropshipping". That's just a fancy way of saying they middle man your order and charge you 10x it it actually cost. Then they email a low tier sweatshop in China for the mask. And they could care less if it ships to you or not.

Nope! All they're thinking about is making quick buck, and we are supposed to trust these people with our families lives ? ... I don't think so.

The world needs a mask that is breathable,comfortable to wear and stops the disgusting microbial critters from sneaking in,and causing harm. All without taking equipment from our first responders.

Thats why the EPM was was created. 

What is it?

I'll explain everything, but first let me tell you a story about man named Dr.H.

What can you learn about COVID from an AEROSPACE ENGINEER?

Dr, H (an alias he uses from privacy reason) was a furloughed engineer who worked on ventilation systems used in spaceships, like NASA and space ex.

like many  people COVID hit Dr.H

Two days after being let go from work, his daughter was stripped away from him and isolated in a dark cold basement, because she was diagnosed with Coronavirus.

The only time he saw her was when he was passing her dinner every night.

It was terrible, can you imagine having to treat your own daughter like a prisoner?

One day Dr. H wanted to surprise his daughter by making her favorite dinner (Chicken nuggets with ketchup). When he was done he walked down stairs to the basement put the food on the table and took a few steps back.

"Look Honey, chicken nuggets your favorite".  She didn't move.  

that's when he saw her face she was teary eyed and scared. ​

He asked her whats wrong ...

"Daddy you're supposed to protect me"

That completely crushed him.

He must've felt like a complete failure as a father, but luckily (for all of us) Dr.h isn't the type of person that gives us easily.

Dr.H was determined to help his daughter. But how, He was a  PHD in AeroSpace engineering, not a medical Doctor.

Then he realized, his daughter didn't need a doctor right now. What she needed was her dad. He knew he had to find away to be around her.

And that's when it hit him, 

A few months before the pandemic hit he was working on a new technology called


A process that takes air and runs it through multiple layers of filtration, and ionized electric fields, to rid the air of nasty pollutants and make it more breathable. 

He knew if he could take that same concept and apply it to a normal face mask, he could finally be with his daughter.

Dr. H  had already done all the "leg-work" to make the "Micro-filtration" process work before he was let go from work, all that was left was to put that process to work on a mask. 

So He pulled a few all nighters and 3 days later he had the first "prototype" of the ELECTRIC PURIFYING MASK.

He made EPMs for his whole family and his daughter (thankfully) got better.

After seeing the impact the ELECTRIC PURIFYING MASK (EPM) had on his family he knew he had to share this technology with the rest of the world.

Dr. H reached out to  and gave them the right to reproduce and get these masks to the public as quickly as possible.

I don't know if this is a true story or not, but what I do know is the ELECTRIC PURIFYING MASK is the solution to the problem of find a face covering that is breathable and has adequate protection.


A Personal Mask With An Electric  Purifying System That Filters Air And Makes Breathing Easy. (without Stealing equipment from our first responders.)

This is the worlds first consumer grade mask that uses a Multi-layered electrical filtration for effective filtering and easy breathing.  That means you can take deep inhales and not worry about the bad stuff getting in.

The ELECTRIC PURIFYING MASK is so good at filtering out the bad stuff that it has the same safety rating as an N95 mask.

Dont' believe me?

Fair enough, let me show you. 

  • The ELECTRIC PURIFYING MASK  has a 5 levels of replaceable inner filtration inside the mask. 
  • The Breathing mechanism has another 4 layers of gunk stopping Filters
  • The outer shell of the mask is made out of an additional anti-microbial layer.

That means there's 10 individual Barriers stopping the bad air from getting into your body.

With all that filtering power you'd think that trying to breathe with this contraption would be like using a straw for a snorkeling tube, right? 

And you'd be right, if it wasn't for the "micro-filtration" process. 

Breathing with this mask is so natural, after 10 minutes you'll forget you even have it on.

One of our readers, who volunteered to be an early tester, ran 28.4 miles with it...that means he ran an entire marathon then decided to cool off with another 1.2 miles, all while wearing the mask.

That's because ELECTRIC PURIFYING MASK uses the same system that purifies the air to then push that clean air towards you.

That gives you 8 hours of uninterrupted "lungs full of clean air" breathing on a single charge! 

A portion of our profits go to helping our first responders. 

I'll never forget the day my wife came home bursting in a ball of tears. My significant other is a nurse, and a great one at that.

But on that specific day, her co-worker, who was assigned as a Covid nurse, had caught the Coronavirus and was hospitalized...And my wife was her replacement as the new Covid nurse. 

"We Don't have enough Mask Everyone is getting sick...what am I supposed to do" She said

I stood there feeling completely powerless, as amazing as the ELECTRIC PURIFYING MASK is it wouldn't be worth owning it if it meant taking equipment from our heros and  putting the life of my wife at risk.

But that's what makes these mask extra special, not only do they clean the air and make breathing easy, they don't put the lives of our nurses and doctors in danger. 

You see the boards that govern hospitals are giant, multi-layered organizations that are slow to try new breakthrough technology. That means they have a mentality of "if it ain't broke don't fix it". And as it stands currently, the ELECTRIC PURIFYING MASK  is not allowed as an official face cover in hospitals. All that means is nurses and doctors can't wear them while working. 

Which is great for us, because the more people that use an ELECTRIC PURIFYING MASK, the more standard medical equipment become available for our first responders. NOt  only that but,

A portion of the sales from EPM  go to helping our first responders. 

When we partnered with our main mission with was to help save lives  and make our healthcare workers' jobs a bit easier and we did that offering,

  • 10 Levels of Protection: That help decrease the spread of harmful agents
  • Electric purifier: With 4 Layers of Hepa Filters to limit your exposure to harmful elements outside & helps filters the breath on the inhale
  • High elasticity Outer Mask that is breathable, reusable and creates an added barrier of protection
  • 5 Layers of Filteration on Inner Mask so you're still protected even when the electric purifier is on.
  • 8 Hours Of Filteration On A Single Charge 🔋

In Conclusion 

If you need A Personal Mask that is breathable and has a high level of filtration (using an electronic filtration system) ..without harming our health care workers.... then YOU NEED THIS AWESOME MASK

UPDATE: A special offer for our readers in United States  has contacted us after the publication of this article and, as a thank you for sharing their message, have offered our readers, a 50% friendly discount on the first 100 purchases. (Click here to check availability now).

Due to the current situation affecting the world, supplies are limited. If you are interested in ELECTRIC PURIFYING MASK, we recommend you get it today before it's gone.


Protect Yourself And Breathe Easy With 8 Hours Of Electronic Purification & Breath Assist

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